The Bikini Wax

There are many questions about the bikini wax.. I can answer them.

1. You can NOT be on Accutane or any other oral acne medications. These medications thin the skin, and can cause tearing of the skin.

2. You have to let your hair grow out! I need at least 3 weeks of growth.

3. Yes it’s going to hurt, but not as bad as you may think. If you’re really nervous take a few ib Profens before hand. For the really nervous newbie, drink a glass of wine 😉

4. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions. I do this all the time. It is my first priority to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

5. Come back in 4 weeks for your maintenance wax. You will have about 2 weeks of nice smooth skin, then the hair will start to grow back in. After just one wax you will see that the growth is cut in half! It is positively wonderful!

That’s about it! The next thing you know you’ll be walking out of the shop with a little pep in your step, and feeling sexy.

For after care.

It is super important to exfoliate after 24 hours EVERYDAY. It’s a hard habit to get into, but one you will be thankful that you did.

If you have really stubborn hairs, I recommend the Bliss Ingrown Hair pads. They are magical! You can get them at Sephora or order them off the internet.

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